Windows Phone Gets NFC Courtesy Of Softcard

In the mobile space in recent months, NFC or Near Field Contact communications are the hottest things around,and it enables users to pay for transactions by just touching their phone to a terminal. On Thursday, Windows Phone got a new partner in the NFC world courtesy of Softcard, and this joint venture will give Windows Phone users NFC joy.

The path to NFC for Windows Phone users has been a bumpy one, as Windows Phone continues to gain users in the US and around the world. By having Softcard coming aboard with NFC support in the US, Windows Phone has a strong partner in launching NFC on devices. It has been launched as of now, and just requires Softcard and a NFC supported phone.

Microsoft's Windows Phone Gets NFC Payment Support With Softcard

Softcard Features

The Softcard venture was formed via AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile cell companies in the US. Now, users will be able to add eligible payment cards to the Softcard app, or add money via a prepaid account. They can use this to pay for items where its supported. Additionally, users will be able to find offers in the area from merchants, and find them on their phone.

Lastly, stores that participate in the Softcard NFC venture can setup loyalty point programs for users. For example if a grocery store or drug store has a program setup, it can be saved on the phone, and layers of security protect the data to keep it secure and safe. All of this will help more partners come on board with NFC on the Windows Phone.

Microsoft's Partner Softcard Joins Windows Phone Ecosystem

How It Works

With the Softcard NFC venture, all a user has to do is download the Softcard app and login to the service using a PIN. They can then select the card and hold the back of the phone over the NFC logo. More and more companies are coming aboard to support it, and we should see more merchants supporting NFC in the upcoming months.

The portability of NFC mixed with the security of the apps will make it succeed on Windows Phone. NFC is a technology that has been around, but not utilized until now. With Softcard supporting Windows Phone, it will only lead to more companies and partners joining Windows Phone. Windows Phone needs these types of programs, and now it has it with Softcard.

Softcard is a cool technology, and I’ve used it. It’s a tap and pay thing, and now it’s on Windows Phone.

Published: Friday, November 7th, 2014 Last Modified: November 7, 2014

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