Windows Phone Gets New TV Apps & British Airways Apps

The Windows Phone experience continues to get better with the addition of new apps, and companies lining up to add their apps to the Windows 8.1 experience are growing. On Thursday, Microsoft announced the latest additions, that will make TV viewers happy and travellers on British Airways happy as well.

The addition of a TBS and TNT app will make US TV viewers happy, as they can watch their favorite shows on the road. With the addition of the British Airways app, travellers can find out their flights on the go, and have a dedicated app for the BA experience, which is one of the finest around.

Microsoft Unveils TNT and TBS App For Windows Phones

TBS And TNT Apps

The Windows Phone experience on larger screens is made for TV and videos, and several networks have already put their channels on the Windows Phone store for consumers. TNT and TBS are the latest companies to do this, and will allow US viewers to enjoy their favorite shows while either at home, at work, or on the road.

The TNT and TBS apps do requre a subscription to your local cable or satellite company, but will allow users to enjoy full episodes from both networks. These include Conan, Big Bang Theory, Falling Skies, Rizzoli & Isles, and other shows. This huge catalog of shows to watch on the Windows Phone should keep users busy for hours, and will please any TV viewer on the Windows Phone platform.

Microsoft and British Airways Reveal Revamped BA Windows Phone App

British Airways Arrives On Windows Phone

The other major Windows Phone news was about the addition of the British Airways app. The app has been refreshed to make it easier to fly on the airline, improves navigation within the app, and get quicker access to flights. The app has also been improved to show next-flight information on a live tile and on the lock screen.

Users flying with British Airways will also be able to scan their boarding pass without locking their phone. Users can also manage their flight and check-in using the BA mobile site, which has also been improved in the past month. All of these features will make the British Airways flight experience better, and especially on Windows Phones.

These Windows Phone apps are great additions. TV is great anywhere but safe travels are much better, thanks to British Airways.

Published: Saturday, November 1st, 2014 Last Modified: November 1, 2014

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