Windows Phone Gets File Manager and Whatsapp

Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 as it will be arriving soon, is a delicate phone system that Microsoft is slowly starting to get right as the marketshare improves around the world. On Friday, Windows Phone announced that a file manager will finally arrive plus marked the return of Whatsapp.

A file manager for Windows Phone might seem like something that Microsoft should have had since the beginning, but with Windows Phone 8.1, it will be the first time. Additionally, Whatsapp which is used by millions, has been missing from Windows Phone and finally returns.

Microsoft Releases Files As Windows Phone 8.1 File Manager

Windows Phone 8.1 Gets File Manager

The file manager for Windows Phone 8.1 will be called Files from Microsoft. The file was hinted earlier during a Reddit AMA with Joe Belfiore earlier this month, and wasn’t expected to arrive until June. But on the last day of May, Microsoft released it for Windows Phone 8.1 users to download.

Files for Windows Phone 8.1 allows users to handle a wide variety of file manager features on their phones. These include being able to access files on the phone and SD card, browse, search and launch files, sharing one or multiple files, creating folders, and lastly the ability to copy, move, rename and delete files.

Microsoft Brings Back Whatsapp To The Windows Phone Store

Whatsapp Comes Back

The last few days of May also marked the return of Whatsapp to the Windows Phone store, and it was missing for a number of weeks. The missing app was pulled according to many, due to technical issues, but it took a joint effort between Microsoft and Whatsapp to bring it back on the Windows Phone Store.

Many users who tried the previous versions of Whatsapp on the Windows Phone system, found problems with the notifications in the latest versions of Windows Phone. By jointly coming together to fix this very popular app, Microsoft and Whatsapp give users the proper product. The latest update is available to download on the Windows Phone store, and as always is a free app with a $1 yearly fee for upgrades.

Windows Phone needed a file manager and finally has it. Whatapp though is used by too many people to go missing, and the mysteries on its missing still remain questionable.

Published: Saturday, May 31st, 2014 Last Modified: May 31, 2014

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