Windows Phone Gets Facebook Messenger Finally

Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular apps on the mobile platform, and allows friends and family to chat across Facebook. On Wednesday, the popular Facebook Messenger app arrived on the Windows Phone platform, and will be a great addition to Windows Phone users.

The Facebook Messenger app is full of features that users can use to communicate worldwide. With it now on Windows Phone, the large screen Lumia and other phones can take advantage of the number of features that Facebook Messenger offers for them to use.

Microsoft Brings Facebook Messenger App To Windows Phones

Facebook Messenger Features

The Facebook Messenger client for Windows Phone features a number of items that will please users of Facebook. From getting all of their messages without having to open Facebook, bringing conversations to live with stickers and sending private photos, to having group conversations on the go, it’s all possible.

Additionally, users will be able to share location with people nearby, know when people have seen their messages, see who is using the app and on Facebook, be logged in to never miss a message, and never again lose a conversation with their friends of family. It gives them all the features of Facebook on Windows Phone.

Facebook Messenger Comes To Windows Phones With New Features And Colorful Icons

Now Available For Download

The Facebook Messenger app is available for free starting on Wednesday from the Windows Phone store. The initial reviews of the app have been very favorable, and seeing as this app has been highly successful on other platforms, having it updated for Windows Phones clearly makes sense.

Microsoft has a tight integration and investment relationship with Facebook, so getting Facebook Messenger on Windows Phone makes sense. It is an app that is used by millions around the globe, and now Windows Phone gets the most updated and colorful app. It has a number of various features that will please many who use Facebook, and should satisfy most users. Facebook is a service that is used by up to a billion people around the globe, and this is one of the must have apps for Windows Phone, and now it is available for free.

This is a top app for Windows Phone for Microsoft. It’s been desired and wanted, and now it’s available for download today.

Published: Thursday, March 6th, 2014 Last Modified: March 6, 2014

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