Windows Phone Gaining Traction In Latest Studies

On Thursday, the latest research report listed from Strategy Analytics shows that Windows Phone is slowly gaining traction in the smartphone market, and while Android still has a large percentage of the market, Windows Phone by Microsoft is gaining. This is great news for Microsoft.

The research report shows that Microsoft is making strides in getting units to customers and is shipping a large number of Windows Phones and smartphones to users. The increased smartphone shipment numbers shows that Microsoft and its partners are getting phones to retailers and customers.

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10 Million Shipped Phones

The numbers show that Microsoft shipped more than 10 million smartphones worldwide in the latest Q3 2013 quarter, which is a record number for the company. They have doubled their percentage in the marketshare according to the numbers and increased the number of shipments by 178 percent annually. This large number of units and percentages show that the latest Windows Phone 8 and Lumia phone lines from Nokia and other partners are capturing the interest of consumers.

The numbers point to the Windows Phone movement as the world’s fastest growing smartphone platform according to the research released on Thursday. The growth has a lot to do with Nokia, and with its purchase of Nokia’s devices unit should see these numbers continue to grow worldwide. The Lumia line is sited as the main growth unit. Other phone partners are also selling phones on the Windows Phone platform, and HTC is one that has recently been rumored as well.

Microsoft OneNote Updated With Office 365 and Keyboard Support

Trouble Still Overseas

What the report shows though is that Microsoft and Windows Phone still suffers in parts of the world where Android and iOS continue to shine. The areas of Europe, Asia, and the United States are big markets for the Windows Phone shipments and advertising from Microsoft seems to be spent in those markets

Where the Windows Phone market is suffering is in the countries of Japan, South Korea, and Africa, where the other operating systems and smartphone are taking charge and outpacing Windows Phones from Microsoft. As Microsoft went from 3.7 million to 10.2 million phones, and went from 2.1% to 4.1%, those technologically advanced countries need to get the attention from Windows Phone and Microsoft.

I love Windows Phone and the Lumia 1020 personally. It is a great phone and smartphone, but Microsoft needs to get out to those countries to expand quickly.

Published: Friday, November 1st, 2013 Last Modified: November 1, 2013

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