Windows Phone Companion App: Transfer/Stream Files Across Devices

Windows Phone Companion App_thumb4Sources close to The Verge have reveled the Windows Phone companion app for Windows 8, Microsoft’s upcoming version of Windows. The app is replacing the defunct Zune music service an will grant users access to music, videos, photos, and documents on Windows Phones.

There is added proof that Microsoft is rolling Zune aside in favor of news services

Sources speaking to technology website The Verge revealed Microsoft is planning to introduce a companion app for Windows Phone handsets to replace its defunct music service Zune, and act as a portable app for Windows Phone devices. There’s no estimated time of arrival for the companion app, though we wouldn’t bet against a day-and-day introducing alongside Windows 8 this October.

The Verge seemed to suggest that this is one of an unidentified amount of Windows 8 apps that will be introduced. It will be available from the Windows Store and is stylised in the Modern UI, though a Windows 7 app will apparently be available, and is designed to replace Zune. Connecting devices to PCs running Windows 8 will automatically install the app, and at this time Windows 7 users will see a desktop app instead.

For Transferring Files When Moving Around

The app is likely to be branded as a companion app that will provide access to photos, music, videos, and documents on Windows Phone. The Verge described the access as quick, so it perhaps won’t be full-featured. Data can also be exported or imported to handsets, seemingly the aforementioned content though The Verge did not specify.

The companion app will apparently be available by the Windows Phone 8 launch, recently reported to be late October with devices landing a couple of weeks later in November.

Microsoft previously launched a basic Windows Phone 8 connection app when it launched the mobile operating system in 2010, especially for Mac owners. This seems an expanded version of the program, and adds to the services Microsoft is launching to integrate into Windows 8. SkyDrive, its cloud storage service, is integrated into Windows 8. Users can upload content and connect remotely via PC.

As for the remaining companion apps Microsoft may launch in the future we will have to see. SmartGlass is an app for TV shows and games that provide added context.

Windows 8 launches October 26.

Published: Tuesday, September 4th, 2012 Last Modified: September 4, 2012

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