Windows Phone App Studio Beta Gets Improvements

Those who are developing for Windows Phone and making apps for the phone got great news on Thursday with the announcement from the Windows Phone Development team. They announced on Thursday that the Windows Phone App Studio Beta will be getting new features soon to develop great apps for the operating system.

The updates will give the developers a better workflow that they can use to develop apps for users around the world. Also, they are bringing about better functions with integrated actions and SDK’s that will give developers and Windows Phone users a great app system to enjoy.

Microsoft OneNote Updated With Office 365 and Keyboard Support

Better Workflow Now Possible

The first thing that developers will see is a better cache implementation for developing apps. They can now access dynamic data or RSS feeds if the phone isn’t connected. This will give apps the ability to get users quicker information and optimize their apps at the same time.

Additionally, Microsoft has made it easier via optimizing Visual Studio projects to remove external references when they are not being used. By using the “Fast Resume” option, default languages can be setup for easy publication to the Windows Phone Store. Also, “Flipview” has made it easier to navigate between items in the developers data source.

Microsoft OneNote Updated With Office 365 and Keyboard Support

NFC, Actions, and SDK”s

The other parts added to the Windows PHone App Studio beta are more technical in nature. NFC has been introduced into it, and this will allow users to share their apps with other Windows Phone App Studio Beta users. As Microsoft has embraced NFC, other phone manufacturers have stayed away and this is an interesting trend.

Lastly, developers can create a menu and users can then choose to open a maps program, make phone calls, or access any of the other apps, without leaving the app. This is importnat to help users multitask between their apps and gives developers new ways to please users. The Windows Phone Ad SDK has also been implemented which allows for greater monetization with the pubCenter account and start earning money with their apps.

I really enjoy the Windows Phone App Studio Beta program from Microsoft. It allows anyone to make an easy Windows Phone app, and do it quickly and easy. Now, it has more developer options and money making options, which always helps.

Published: Friday, November 1st, 2013 Last Modified: November 1, 2013

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