Windows Phone App Studio a Huge Success

On the Windows Developer Show, Microsoft’s Bryan Tomlinson announced that the Windows Phone App Studio has been a huge success. As this has only recently been launched to users, its success is a huge accomplishment to the Windows Phone system for both users and developers.

In the show, Bryan Tomlinson announced that over 30,000 different applications have been started in the first 48 hours. This free tool gives anyone the ability to build and create Windows Phone applications, and should lead to a huge building trend on Windows Phone apps in the store.


Throttling Usage From Microsoft

Due to the large number of applications being submitted, Microsoft stated that they are throttling the usage of the service. But, the throttling though is only to be a day to entry, which should suffice for most new and existing developers. The number was a surprise to many even at Microsoft, and shows that a proper tool for development maybe what makes Windows Phone a huge hit later on.

Great For Individuals and More

During the show, the common thread from Microsoft was that the Windows Phone App Studio was perfect for individuals and more. For people who want to load a lightweight app on their phone, or share it with their friends and family, it is a perfect tool. It is also aimed at those who are savvy and expert developers as well, who just want to churn out a quick Windows Phone app without complex programming required.

Windows Phone Resurgence

This all points to good news for Windows Phone. With the IDC report this week about its worldwide growth, the new Lumia 1020 phone taking over the tech world, and the Windows Phone App Studio, it gives Windows Phone a great position in the cellular and phone world. It should lead to more apps being developed.

Since Windows Phone has struggled with apps, this free app builder is the perfect thing that developers need. It is simple, easy to use, leads to quick releases of apps on the Windows Store, and is perfect to mess around and see if future complex programming apps might be desired. With over 30,000 new apps, apps are no longer a problem.

Published: Monday, August 12th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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