Windows Phone App For Desktop: Quickly Sync Files And Settings Across Devices

Microsoft on Wednesday released the Windows Phone app for desktop to the public, and the app should now allow for easier syncing for Windows Phones and aid in the daily usage for Windows Phone users.

One of the most anticipated apps for Microsoft and Windows Phone was released on the site on Wednesday, and it gives Windows Phone users additional tools to increase productivity, help with syncing, and help with the playlists and ringtones for the Windows Phone.

Features of Windows Phone App For Desktop

Better Syncing and Options For Windows Phone Users

With the release of the Windows Phone app for desktop, Microsoft has helped Windows Phone users by giving them better syncing options for their media options. The app allows Windows Phone users the ability to sync music, photos, movies, TV shows, and podcasts from iTunes library’s held on their Windows desktop to their Windows Phone. This alone should make Windows Phone users very happy, and this has been a very anticipated demand by Windows Phone users with the Lumia and other models on the market.

Importing and Playlists Improved

Now, Windows Phone users will be able to automatically import photos, pictures, and videos to their Windows PC’s, another option that wasn’t available on the Windows Phone platform. In addition, users are now able to see how much space is taken up by each app or content so they don’t run out of room on their Windows Phone. Users are now able to get playlists on their phones that they create on their Windows desktops and find songs that they want to use for their ringtones. Users of Windows Phones are now in addition able to sync podcasts from iTunes easier and sync folders running on external hard drives.

The Windows Phone app for desktop released on Wednesday is the Preview 3 version, but one that is the official release for the Windows Phone platform. It is exclusively available for Windows PC’s and not available for Mac’s. It can be run on a PC running Windows 7 or Windows 8 and does require a Windows Phone running Windows Phone 8. It can be downloaded from starting today directly from Microsoft. Microsoft has said that any improvements made with the app will be maintained directly within the application itself. Versions of the app are available in desktop and metro styles as well.

Published: Friday, May 31st, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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