Windows Phone 8 Is Creating An Identity: Here’s How

Thumb_windows Phone 8 Identity_thumb A trend of Windows Phone devices seems to be color, the latest devices from HTC coming in multiple colors (on devices in some cases).

This trend presents an intriguing contrast to competitors, and could be the differentiating factor Microsoft needs.

Color could be what consumers associate with Windows Phone

After this I promise I won’t talk about my excitement for Windows Phone 8 devices, but I feel as the week ends we should reflect on where the operating system and Microsoft stand. My feeling is that color is the differentiating factor between Microsoft versus Apple and Google across hardware and software.

We’ve seen Nokia’s Lumia 710, 800, 900, 820, and 920 offers multi-colored devices though we weren’t sure if this was exclusive to the company. It appears not: HTC unveiled its 8X and 8S phones this week. The former comes with a colored back and bezel while the latter offers two colors on one devices. The body of the 8S is a color, like black, and the chin another like blue. It’s a unique design I can’t remember seeing in a phone.

HTC’s comments that it wanted to create the physical representation of a live tile makes sense. The titles that represent apps in Windows Phone are colored. Striking to users, matching hardware creates uniqueness. It’s a middle point between iOS and Google, bringing choice yet controlling user experiences.

Creating An Identity

Importantly, I think color will give consumers lasting images of Windows Phone. Microsoft isn’t using the grid-based app layout of iOS and Android; consumers will see a different operating system. With Redmond in third place, behind Google and Apple, persuading new adopters to jump to Windows Phone is important. Color won’t exclusively accomplish that, but it will help. Apple creates its identity through iterating design, though it starts off a good point, wide and quality developer support, along with fast updates. Capturing the wide-ranging consumer minds is essential.

We’ll wait to see if other companies follow HTC and Nokia’s lead. We’re waiting on devices from Samsung, perhaps Dell, and companies like LG.

Windows Phone 8’s release date is to be announced.

Published: Sunday, September 23rd, 2012 Last Modified: September 23, 2012

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