Windows Phone 8 App Downloads Doubled: Nokia Lumia Phones Large Contributor

Nokia Lumia 920 Phone App Downloads Doubled_ll Windows Phone is recovering from a sluggish start as Microsoft have announced that the number of app downloads has doubled.

This coupled with a 140% increase in paid app revenue is the clearest indication yet that Windows Phone 8 is starting make inroads in the mobile marketplace.

Nokia Lumia 920 Phone App Downloads Doubled

Android and Apple remain dominant

It has long way to go to come anyway near the market share that Apple and Android enjoy but it is noteworthy that they have been able to establish a foothold in an extremely competitive marketplace so quickly.

In fact it is more positive news for Microsoft as this follows the development that they have increased their smartphone sales market share by nearly 2% already compared to last year and are attracting plenty of first time buyers.

More to come from Windows Phone

Microsoft have also brought attention to the latest Nokia Lumia phones that will come with Windows Phone installed that have only just started to be shipped out. According to Microsoft this will give “potential Windows Phone customers additional choices in form factor, phone capabilities, and price points.”

With more desirable smartphones coming with Windows Phone installed Microsoft will be hoping this will increase App revenue even further along with the quality and potential of the apps themselves.

Microsoft has continued to invest into the development side and have also announced that they will be adding several new countries to their developer pay-out scheme via Dev Center. This increases the markets supporting developer pay-outs to 122. Since August 2012 they have also added 15 new mobile operator billing partners.

A lot done …More to do for Windows Phone

These latest announcements from Microsoft are the clearest indication yet that Windows Phone is growing at a steady rate. While the eco-system is relatively new and Microsoft is currently someway behind their competitors, Apple and Android, they are starting to prove they can compete.

With more apps being developed and more smartphones featuring the Windows Phone platform there may well be a day that a Windows phone will have a launch akin to the frenzy surrounding latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phones. Watch this space.

Published: Sunday, May 5th, 2013 Last Modified: May 5, 2013

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