Windows Phone 8 Apollo Details Leaked: NFC, Multi-Core Support

Windows Phone 8_Thumb.jpg 1 A video made by Microsoft for the eyes of Nokia and Nokia only was leaked to the internet recently and it revealed a bevy of new features that the next version of Windows Phone (in line with Windows 8) will bring with it.

Removable SD Card Support And Other Improvements Coming With Windows Phone 8

A video made for Nokia and hosted by vice president and Windows Phone manager Joe Belfiore was found by PocketNow. This video details Windows 8 integration with Windows Phone 8, NFC radio support, multi-core support, removable SD card support and others.

Windows Phone 8 (codename “Apollo”) is supposed to release just after Microsoft pushes the current Windows Phone 7 Tango to devices. Along with the support for multi-core SoCs the video also talks about four new screen resolutions. The NFC (Near Field Communication) radio has also been highlighted for enabling payments through Windows Phones. They called it the “wallet experience”. This now also supports the patent filing that Microsoft did for a mobile payment method through NFC as well as WiFi, Bluetooth and RFID. NFC would be typical and the others are just safeguards. The NFC will not only be used for transactions but also for tap to share across different device types like laptops, tablets and even desktops.

Windows Phone 8 will look and feel a lot like Windows 8 in its interface, so apps will behave similarly and user experience will be very similar across different platforms like tablets and notebooks.

Belfiore also covered ActiveSync, Skydrive support, a companion app for Xbox for the fully featured Windows 8, revamped Skype, app to app communications and a whole lot of other things.

The original report has the full list which painstaking mentions all the big and small details.

Published: Sunday, February 5th, 2012 Last Modified: February 5, 2012

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