Windows Phone 8.1 With Cortana Announced At Build

Wednesday was a huge day for Microsoft, and its Build conference in San Francisco was the Microsoft headquarters for all the action. During the first major announcement, Microsoft announced the official release of Windows Phone 8.1 with its new assistant Cortana included.

The rumors about Windows Phone 8.1 and Cortana have been leaked and rumored across the web for weeks, but this official release by Microsoft was the real deal. The amount of updates included in Windows Phone 8.1 are immense and the addition of Cortana gives Windows Phone users a new assistant.

Microsoft Announces The Release Of Windows Phone 8.1

What’s Inside Windows Phone 8.1?

The release of Windows Phone 8.1 was announced by Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore during the Build show. He first brought out the notification center that will be included with it, and will match and surpass those of Android/iOS. The action center can be dismissed if needed, and should give users a new way to view their phone alerts.

The notification center also allows users easy access to the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections, and includes lock screens that can be customized. Live tiles have gotten a brand new look, and should liven up the new Windows Phone 8.1 phones announced during the show as well.

Microsoft Shows Off Cortana It's New Personal Assistant For Windows Phone 8.1

Hello Cortana

With the Windows Phone 8.1 announcement, Microsoft also announced the release of Cortana, its personal assistant. It can make calls, send messages, and will allow developers to tap into its interface to make it more enhanced than Siri and Google. Voice interactions with Cortana were done on stage, and should be very fun as it rolls out soon.

Cortana is what Windows Phone users want, and a personal assistant that actually listens to users and reacts to the user will make it exciting. Cortana has a notebook where interests can be kept, and Cortana will know what the user wants. The inclusion of Cortana will be included with the release of Windows Phone 8.1, and will be coming out as early as late April. Other Windows Phones will be getting updates as well, but those will be up to carriers to implement.

Windows Phone 8.1 is huge for Microsoft and the phone world. It makes Windows Phone better, and Cortana will make it more vocal as well.

Published: Thursday, April 3rd, 2014 Last Modified: April 3, 2014

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