Windows Phone 8.1 Rumors Come Out Of Hiding

On Wednesday, rumors surrounding the upcoming Windows 8.1 interface, apps, and ecosystem came out via a few different blogs that focus on Microsoft. The updates for the Windows Phone system are centered on making the Windows Phone system inline with the desktop systems for developers and users.

The updated Windows Phone 8.1 isn’t scheduled for release until next year according to many, but Microsoft is already well under development for the system. With the variety of different internal and external updates to be made, it will make Windows Phone 8.1 exciting.

Windows Phone 8.1 Rumors Abound

Binaries and Multitasking

According to rumors coming out on Wednesday, the Windows Phone 8.1 news centers mainly on the universal binaries. The ability to run the same app on both Windows RT and Windows Phone is a strong path that Microsoft wants to pursue for users and developers. The ability for a user to run the same app regardless is important, and an API Unity as developers call it is 77 percents vs 33% with respects to Windows Phone RT and Windows Phone 8.

In addition, multitasking is also a main focus for Microsoft on Windows Phone 8.1. The new GDR3 will help address some issues regarding multitasking, but the ability to process notifications and address processes in the background will be fixed in the upcoming updates next year.

Microsoft Focusing On Lower Cost Models Screens, Back Button Begone and Cost

A few other details surrounding Windows Phone 8.1 focus around bigger screens. Rumors are pointing to phones with up to 7 to 10-inch screens for some tablets, and 5 to 6-inch screens for phones, which should make users very happy. This will compete against Android and other systems for larger phones.

Lastly the removal of the back button will be done. Microsoft is in development according to reports to remove this with Windows Phone 8.1. Additionally, the low price market will be focused on by Microsoft. They are selling a ton of low cost Windows Phones and they will be building more models accordingly. Additionally, they will be building higher end luxury phones like the Lumia 1020, but mainly focus on lower cost units.

This is a great move by Microsoft, and will help Windows Phone grow. It is a growing phone market, and making updates that people use, will only help sales around the world.

Published: Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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