Windows Phone 7 Price (HTC HD7)

We finally have a price for some of the new HTC phones that will run on Windows Phone 7 (mobile OS). A leaked document with details of German telecommunication provider O2 revealed the price of the HTC HD7. More infos, release date, hardware specs and theme after the break.

Windows Phone 7 Price Leak

The HTC HD7 will be the first HTC phone running the Windows Phone 7 OS. Here’s a picture:

HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7

HTC HD7 Price

According to this leaked document by the HTC HD7 will cost 79€ with a 24-month contract (contract fee: 20€/month). If you want to buy the HTC HD7 without a contract, you’ll have to pay about 559€.

Windows Phone 7 HTC HD7 Price Leak

So, let’s translate this into dollar at the current exchange rates..

24-month contract: ~$110 for the HTC HD7, monthly cost ~$28
Contract-free: ~$780

Important: Keep in mind, often companies sell their products in Europe for a much higher price. They tend to sell products at a 1:1 rate (which is of course outrageous, but people here still buy it). So it is very possible that you will only pay $100 with contract or $600 without contract in the US.

Release Date

More importantly is the release date: October 18th, 2010! So, if you’re lucky you will be able to get your HTC HD7 with Windows Phone 7 only a week after the release of Microsoft’s mobile OS.

Hardware Specs

The hardware specs of the HTC HD7 are supposed to very good:

1GHZ CPU, 576MB RAM, 4.3″ display (480 x 800 pixels solution), 5MP camera, WiFi + GPS

Windows Phone 7 Minimum Hardware Specifications

As reported, the minimum hardware specs for a cell phone running Windows Phone 7 are:

  • # DirectX9 GPU and video acceleration
  • # DivX 4,5,6 Support
  • # H.264 Support (Blue-Ray, DVB digital TV too)
  • # 5MP camera
  • # GPS
  • # Compass
  • # Accelerometer
  • # Ambient light
  • # Proximity sensor
  • # Keys: Start, Search, Back

Windows Phone 7 Theme

One of the reasons why I am interested in the Windows Phone 7 is the great design and the possibility to take your XBOX Live profile wherever you go.

Windows Phone 7 Theme for Windows 7

Download Windows Phone 7 Theme

Published: Friday, October 8th, 2010 Last Modified: October 8, 2010

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