Windows Phone 7 More Popular Than iPhone by 2015?

According to analysts at IDC (International Data Corps.), Nokia’s move to the Windows Phone platform with Windows Phone 7 will give Windows phone 7 the edge to become more popular than the iPhone (measured in market share) by the year 2015.

Windows Phone 7

Of course, Android will still remain the dominant player in 2015, but Symbian’s luck is now all out, thanks to Nokia’s support being withdrawn. Now the aging mobile platform is left with only a handful of smaller players like Sony Ericsson, most of who are also gradually switching to Android. Nokia’s decision to switch did not come as a surprise but the switch to Windows Phone 7 instead of Android did raise some eyebrows in the industry.

Users and experts have been voicing their skepticism about this deal and it definitely does not help Nokia recover its image from the last few years marked by debacles like Maemo.

Looks like the bosses over at Nokia just do not bother checking the market trends when making such decisions. Finland’s lakeside cottages must really cozy this time of the year. Reports have been out that Nokia’s top executives are very hard to reach between march and september, when they are apparently out vacationing.

Android is predicted to grow from 39.4% this year to 45.4% in 2015 by IDC. But now, Windows Phone will come in at 2nd by going up to 20.9% from its current barely visible 2.2%. IDC further claims that Apple’s iOS will drop from 15.7% to 15.3% but that’s probably not because their numbers will grow down but because the market will increase in size.

Windows Phone 7 More Popular Than iPhone

IDC has prepared this chart to show how the platforms will perform over the next few years. Windows Phone will take up almost Symbian’s entire share, thanks to Nokia’s switch. The company’s constant strategy switch is not winning them any more supporters and their existing user-base is thinking twice now.

Published: Tuesday, March 29th, 2011 Last Modified: March 29, 2011

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