Windows Phone 7 Market Share Higher Than 1%

Windows Phone has finally gained enough presence to make a dent in the smartphone market with 1% market share. Analysts at Canalys have made this announcement earlier this week.

Windows Phone 7

1% To Enter, 50% To Best

As a new entrant, Windows Phone has been slow to pickup steam but as we have reported earlier, there are clouds gathering over the horizon for a heavy shower of WP7 phones this fall, right before the holiday shopping starts up. Hence, that 1% might soon burgeon into something more than a sliver on the market share pie.

However, to beat the current market leader, the new entrant has to best Android, who was reported by the same analysts as holding somewhere around half the pie at around 48% market share, which is a mammoth size to beat. However, given that both Android and Windows Phone have multiple manufacturers making devices for it, it is possible that the forecast of Windows Phone coming in at close second some time in the near future might happen sooner than later.

Android’s growth also means that Apple’s iOS is now a strong second at 19% and will probably stay that way till Windows Phone climbs the charts. But it still has a hold on the largest manufacturer of smartphones because Android is largely divided between HTC and Samsung devices whilst Apple, as usual, makes it’s own. They are also expecting further growth with iPhone 5 rumored to be hovering around Q3 this year.

User Share Drops But Usage Is On The Rise

Microsoft’s share in the user pie has dropped by half on a year-on-year comparison but with smartphone user growing upwards over all, the size of the pie is now larger by 73% worldwide.

With such a major shift in their mobile platform, there has to a dip before the next pickup. If user reviews are anything to go by, Microsoft can make WP7 a grand hit just by making sure that their visibility is higher. And multiple companies working on WP7, this should happen soon.

Published: Thursday, August 4th, 2011 Last Modified: August 4, 2011

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