Windows Phone 7 4G Leaked?

TmoNews (unoffical T-Mobile blog) posted some interesting shots of a T-Mobile Windows Phone 7 4G – is this a fake or could be a 4G-Apple-iPhone-Killer be on its way?

Windows Phone 7 4G

The shots are promotional stickers received by T-Mobile promoting the Windows Phone with 4G. If that is anything to go by, it is clear proof that T-Mobile will soon be selling 4G enabled handsets running Windows Phone, quite possibly Mango.

4G Windows Phone Device Would Put Microsoft Ahead Of Apple

If the Windows Phone 4G will be released anytime soon, Microsoft might snag more market share from Apple and Google.

iPhone’s 4G debut seems pretty far away right now, possibly scheduled for a 2012 release.

There’s a second image that shows the 4G sticker to be different from the normal Windows Phone stickers and shows some Android stickers as well for effect.

HTC Likely To Be The First 4G Windows Phone Maker

Just like it did for Android with their Evo 4G, HTC is rumored to be the first one with a 4G handset for Windows Phone 7. This is because the HTC Bresson is the only phone in the recent rumor history that fits the bill for a 4G Windows Phone device.

Of course, the stickers can be fake. So we’ll remain carefully hopeful about a 4G Windows Phone popping up soon.

Published: Saturday, July 30th, 2011 Last Modified: July 30, 2011

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