Windows Phone 10 Gets Previewed In New App

As the world of Microsoft conveins later this month in Redmond, the world of Windows 10 is surely taking place. But on Monday, an even more interesting app hit the app store, and while its very restricted to whom can use it, it shows off the future of Windows Mobile, with Windows Mobile 10.

This new app is geared for Microsoft employees only according to its details, and its a very cryptic app. This app is titled Phone Insider, and made its appearance in the Windows Phone Store over the weekend. It’s planning to be updated soon, and maybe show off the future of Windows Mobile 10.

Microsoft Releases Phone Insider For New Windows Insider Users

What Is Phone Insider?

The Phone Insider app is geared to provide registered Windows Insiders the ability to receive pre-release OS updates on their phone, directly from Microsoft. The current group of Microsoft Insiders who are testing Windows 10 can’t access it quite yet, but only Microsoft employees can, which makes the mystery increase.

The app is scheduled to be updated soon, and will probably be updated around the time of Microsoft’s consumer unveiling of Windows 10. This update could signal Windows Insiders to sign-in, and get updates. But, it can also enable users phones to update to Windows Mobile 10, which would be awesome.

Microsoft's Phone Insider App Puzzles Many With Its Release

Why Would Microsoft Release This?

One question that a number of Microsoft analysts are asking, is why would Microsoft release this app so early to the later event this month. It’s a true internal only release, and only Microsoft employees can use this pre-release app. It’s geared towards Windows Insiders, but could signal the future of Windows.

Windows Mobile is supposed to share the same internals of Windows 10, so you might see the same phone OS as on the desktop. It’s a sneak peek towards the future of Windows many think, but it is pretty exciting. Most of what Microsoft does is public, so this unique app is leaving many scratching their heads.

I’m not sure what Phone Insider truly is yet from Microsoft. It’s interesting and time till tell what it becomes.

Published: Tuesday, January 13th, 2015 Last Modified: January 13, 2015

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