Windows Media Center Not Part Of Windows 10

The Windows Media Center part of Windows has been a fairly successful product, and has been available with Windows ever since Windows XP. But, as Windows 10 comes near, many wondered about its future. On Friday, Microsoft confirmed that Windows Media Center will not be part of Windows 10.

Windows Media Center is more of a legacy product from Microsoft, and something that they do not see supporting in the future. Windows 10 has all the features that they need, and came in as an add-on for Windows 8 at that. With it gone, Windows Media Center fans will have to look elsewhere for it.

Microsoft Rolls Out Windows Media Center During 2004 Press Conference

What Was WMC?

Windows Media Center was the program with Windows that allowed for a complete media experience with the computer or laptop. It had the full TV functionality, DVR functionality, and media storage abilities for videos and musc. It had been around since 2004, and had been a fairly popular product for Microsoft.

In recent years though, Windows Media Center dropped from the sight of Microsoft, and they hadn’t updated it for many. By making it an add-on for users, it meant that Windows and WMC were due for a fallout. With the computer DVR needs going away as well, Windows Media Center has seen its finest days go away.

Microsoft Dissapoints Windows Media Center Users With Non-Windows 10 Support

Windows 10 and WMC Users

With Windows 10, Microsoft simply has a better product, and has the TV and Movie apps built into the product. Microsoft realizes that there are other products on the market for media management and will let them support that niche. The active user base for Windows Media Center will probably shift for that.

Running a home theater with a PC has been a niche that many have perfected, the overall users who do it don’t use Windows Media Center. Now, users can use their PS4, Xbox One, and other devices or DVR’s to do it. With Windows Media Center, its only useful on previous systems and not Windows 10.

Windows Media Center is done on Windows 10. Now, supporters of it will need to use older Windows systems to run it.

Published: Monday, May 4th, 2015 Last Modified: May 4, 2015

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