Windows Media Center Found In Latest Windows 8 Build

The latest build of Windows 8, dubbed 8141, seems to have Windows Media Center inside it.

Windows 8 Media Center

Windows 8 Build 8141 Brings Windows Media Center To The Table

Windows Media Center finally showed up on Windows 8. It was found to be part of the latest pre-beta build that has been dubbed 8141. Whilst some people are saying that it looks a lot like the Windows Media Center found in Windows 7, Windows focused blog WinRumor has suggested that it behaves more like a standalone app.

Windows Media Center was one of the most popularly demanded feature that did not come with the Developer Preview build. Due to the amount of demand for it, Steven Sinofsky finally had to say that they were working it. Apparently they have been working on it and did not want to release it in a state that made it unstable. He had said that even though Windows 8 is at a pre-release stage, the company still wanted to release builds that were quite stable and functional.

Entertainment Is An Important Part Of Windows 8

The appearance of Media Center is welcome news for a lot of current Windows 8 users. Even though it is not a frequently highlighted feature in Windows, there seems to be a large user base for it.

Windows Media Center is a way for Windows users to bring all their entertainment in to one place. In includes access to TV, music, Photos and movies and also online videos. For many people, it is the central driving force behind their computer based home entertainment system. Which explains why many were so eager to see it included. Sinofsky even mentioned earlier that the major feedback on the Windows Media Player clearly said that the users are okay with playing extra as long as the feature was included. Microsoft said that they are still fully behind the product and are developing it.

Published: Friday, October 28th, 2011 Last Modified: October 28, 2011

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