Windows Machines With Lenovo Get Pokki?

While the Windows 8 machines are selling below average to average in the computer markets and retailers, Lenovo made a move to separate itself on the market on Thursday. They are rebuilding the Windows 8 start menu via a Pokki app which should make users happier with Windows 8.

As Lenovo is the largest PC maker in the world, they know what consumers want in systems, and know what works. Clearly with this move, they are seeing that the Start Menu is still a concern for consumers, and by installing this alternative Start Menu, they can woo customers to Windows 8.


Pokki Preinstalled on Lenovo Windows 8 Machines

The announcement shows that Lenovo will preinstall the SweetLabs Pokki app on the Windows 8 desktop. The move is huge news for that company, but most importantly will give users back the Start Menu alternative that they are missing on Windows 8. This won’t add to the costs of the machines and only makes consumers happier with Windows 8.

This Can Only Help Windows 8

A number of articles on Thursday mentioned that this is a jab at Microsoft, but this can only help users adopt Windows 8. This alternative Start Menu is nice, but users can still use Windows 8 or the upcoming Windows 8.1 if they choose. It gives them a start menu and visual apps, and makes Windows 8 prettier, which some may use. But, it gives Windows 8 more possible users with this move.

What Microsoft Can Do With Lenovo

This is a clear move that Lenovo made without talking with Microsoft. But, this should be a joint venture that Microsoft could give to users as an alternative Start Menu if they choose. Something like Pokki can be installed as an optional item, and used when needed. Users don’t like the missing Start Menu, and this gives them a way to get it back.

Microsoft needs Windows 8 users and Lenovo with this move sidestepped Microsoft. Hopefully, in the overall sense, it will build computer sales and help sell Windows 8. This could be the best thing for Windows 8 along with the upcoming Windows 8.1 release, and could help save Windows 8 in the months ahead.

Published: Friday, August 23rd, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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