Windows Live, Zune, could be “killed off”; Microsoft attempting to launch rival to Spotify music service?

Windows Live Gone_thumb.jpg 1Long-standing Windows Live branding to go in Windows 8, align with ‘simpler presentation of Metro UI’

Microsoft is set to remove the long-standing Windows Live branding from Windows 8, and rumours suggest that a Spotify rival could be on its way for the holidays

The long-running Windows Live branding, one of the few consistent themes in Microsoft’s operating systems, is set to go in the companies next operating system: Windows 8.

The Live branding covers app such as Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Photos and more (full list below). However, as reported earlier, due to Windows 8 having apps bundled in they will be sans Live to reflect the simplicity of the new Metro UI. Programs will simply therefore be known as Mail, instead of Windows Live Mail, Photos instead of Windows Live Photos and so on. The apps, as they will be known when the new operating system hits retail, will also be brought together by a “Microsoft Account” – replacing the sporadic Windows Live ID – so they can be found in one place. The full list of programs that will go under the change are:

• Windows Live ID to Microsoft Account
• Windows Live Mail to Mail
• Windows Live Calendar to Calendar
• Windows Live Contacts to People
• Windows Live Photo Gallery to Photos
• Zune Music Player to Music
• Zune Video Player to Zune

There are also rumours that Windows Live Messenger is under revision, with Microsoft looking to combine it with Skype and incorporate that into Windows (though this is unconfirmed).

Microsoft to launch Spotify rival, tied into Xbox Live, set for holiday season?

According to The Verge, Microsoft’s move away from the Zune branding may be due to the company planning a Spotify-esque service which would be due later this year for release – and based on – Xbox Live, with the company already in talks with music labels. According to the report, Microsoft intends for the service to be cross-platform and more integrated along with offering a “video component”. The Verge and CNET are saying that Microsoft plan to launch the service by the holidays, and that Microsoft will offer free Xbox Live for Windows subscriptions “for new PC buyers as a way to jump start the service.”

Published: Tuesday, February 28th, 2012 Last Modified: February 28, 2012

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