Windows Licensing Costs Lowered By 70%

As Microsoft continues to battle Apple and Google for marketshare in the computer realm, the power to get Windows to more consumers and businesses continues. On Friday, Microsoft went out and lowered Windows 8.1 costs by 70 percent to low-cost computer makers to get their attention.

As the battle to get people into low-cost computers is a highly charged battleground, Microsoft anxiously is attempting to get computer makers to use Windows over Linux and Chrome OS. By lowering the costs of Windows 8.1 to them, they will be able to load Windows 8.1 on these machines.

Microsoft Lowers Windows 8.1 Costs To Manufacturers

New Windows 8.1 Costs To Manufacturers

Companies like Dell, HP, Toshiba, and others make very low cost computers for the masses, and with those computers the costs of Windows licensing generally prohibited them from loading Windows on them. Now, Microsoft is only charging computer makers $15 per machine under $250, which is a huge drop from $50 previously.

This price drop is an unofficial drop, and hasn’t been 100 percent confirmed by Microsoft, but enough details about it are publicly known. As long as the machines are under the $250 price point, the manufacturer qualifies for the lower pricing, and this should work to get Windows 8.1 on these lower cost machine versus Chrome OS and other operating systems.

Microsoft Fears Chromebook Sales As They Lower Windows 8.1 Costs To Computer Makers

Windows 8.1 Has to Grow Quickly

By lowering the cost of Windows 8.1 to computer makers, Microsoft will be able to sell more than the estimated 200 million Windows 8 licenses that it has already. The adoption of Windows 8.1 and Windows 8 is growing, but not in the lower cost machines that Microsoft is fighting for at the retail shelves.

As the global computer market sales have slowed down, the lower priced PC market is growing. Margins are tight on these machines, and by getting Windows 8.1 on these machines, Microsoft can get the attention of these makers to use Windows. Microsoft needs to get Windows 8.1 out there more, and this move will clearly do it, and help in the latest CEO hiring of Satya Nadella. Windows 8.1 is important to Microsoft, and this will certainly help.

I’m a huge believer of the low-end computer market. These machines sell, and they need a true OS, and Windows 8.1 is that.

Published: Saturday, February 22nd, 2014 Last Modified: February 22, 2014

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