Windows Insider Program Gets New Build

One of the more exciting things about the upcoming release of Windows 10, is the Windows Insider Program. The Windows Insider Program is meant for those looking to test drive the next version of Windows 10, but also be ready for any bugs and problems that can come with pre-release software. On Tuesday, updates came and came a plenty.

This is the first new build for the public for the Windows Insider Program, and the build 9860! as its being called has a lot of new features. It has a number of updates and internal fixes, but also has a lot of external features that will show the future of Windows 10 as it gets near.

Microsoft's Windows Insider Program Brings New Build Of Windows 10 To Testers

Action Center For Windows PCs

The update, which will come to users via an automatic update, will feature a brand new action center for Windows PCs. This is a brand new thing for Windows PCs, and will showcase basic notifications for users. Users will be able to see this in the lower corner of the screen when it updates.

The Action Center will show users new emails, invites to IMs, Facebook posts, and much more. It will all be focused in this action center, and those who use mobile phones will find it familiar to both iOS and Android universes, but on the desktop. Future improvements will ring quick actions and a cleaner UI to this action center for users.

Microsoft's Windows Insider Program Lets Users Decide How Often To Update Features

Moing Apps and Animation

Two of the other features added are the ability to move apps between monitors and animations to show when switching desktops. The action of WIN+SHIFT+ will now let users move the active app to another monitor. There are a number of other keyboard shortcuts as well on the blog post as well.

Users have also mentioned that when switching desktops on multiple monitors, it was hard to know where they were. Microsoft listened, and put together an animation to make it clear when users are switching desktops. It’s more of a signal to users to know when they go from desktop A to B, and should suffice with most users. This along with 250,000 pieces of feedback are making the new version of Windows 10 shine.

I played with this a litle and its nice. I like Windows 10, and like the way its going.

Published: Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014 Last Modified: October 22, 2014

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