Windows Hacked Due To Google Exploit?

On Tuesday, Microsoft provided information related to details on how Windows desktop computers might have been hacked via a Google announced bug. This announcement by Microsoft gives even more reasons for hackers to exploit Windows machines by using information given by competitors.

The announcement by Microsoft related to hacking exploits used by Windows hackers recently. They used targeted attacks related by a Google security engineer, but those exploits were never brought to Microsoft’s attention, as requested by the company, versus just sharing it with the world.


Google Engineer Lashed Out At Microsoft

The Google engineer whose name is Tavis Ormandy, two months ago told of Windows security exploits that affected the Windows desktop machines. He stated that the Microsoft security division of the company was very hard to work with, and just released the information on the bugs without going further with Microsoft. This creates additional tension between the two companies, as tech companies usually share this type of information between security teams.

Personal Project of Google Engineer, Not a Google Project

Google was quick to state on Tuesday, that this engineering project was a personal project of the Google engineer, and not an action of Google, or anything related to his work at Google. This gives some separation to Google in this publicity mess, but still leaves a bad taste in the mouths of security engineers for Microsoft and Google.

Information Related To Flaws in Windows

The information released by the Google engineer related to Windows security flaws that could be used immediately by hackers, known as Zero Day Exploits. These flaws are often used by hackers to hack into machines before the companies have a change to fix them and issue a patch. There are huge bounties by hackers paid to reveal these ZDE’s to other hackers.

Is this just a minor setback for the relations between Google and Microsoft? It’s too early to tell, but this doesn’t add to many positive news between the two companies. A rogue Google engineer telling about problems with their competitor doesn’t help tensions between these two tech giants, but shows even more reasons why these companies should work together more versus apart from each other.

Published: Wednesday, July 10th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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