Windows Eyewear Being Tested According To Reports

In an interesting article on Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal reported that Microsoft is in process of testing web-connected eyewear for users to use and connect to their data. The Windows inspired eyewear is a direct shot at Google Glass, and is the latest in Microsoft’s Labs research in this field.

With Microsoft already reaching out to component makers and suppliers in Asia for the parts, it shows that it is slowly in process, but may take a while for these to reach the general public. The wearable technology is still new to most companies, but Microsoft is eagerly getting into this world.

Report Shows Microsoft Building Wearables Unit

Bracelets and Wearables

The main focus by Microsoft in the wearables space is focused around the bracelets and wristwatches. Both of these are aimed to the mainstream public, and seems to be the most popular type of wearable technology that will succeed. An estimated 500 million units are expected to be sold worldwide and Microsoft wants a part of that.

By giving users wearables, Microsoft can integrate it into Windows 8.1 and beyond, and give users email, text alerts, and other alerts that they can use on a day to day basis. Microsoft has done SPOT watches in the past, but the evolution of wearable technology goes much beyond that today.


Microsoft Transforming

What the rumors about Microsoft developing wearable technology shows is that is wants to get away from a software only company, and get into the devices market. By getting into the lifestyle and wearable technologies of the public, Microsoft can integrate its products to consumers in all new ways.

Other companies like Apple and Samsung have gotten a head start in this market, but Microsoft is quickly entering that space with already scoping out parts and suppliers. It is possible that the purchase of Nokia will help them manufacture and market these devices, and possibly build its future. By building out its wearable technology units, Microsoft can build another billion dollar business before long.

Will we see a Windows watch or a Windows bracelet? Who knows, but Windows Vision might be something we will see a few years from now, and Microsoft clearly wants to build it.

Published: Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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