Windows Embedded Compact 2013 Released on Wednesday

On Wednesday, Microsoft released and made public their Windows Embedded Compact 2013 product to industries. While this may sound trivial to most consumers, this technology is what drives many warehouses, scanners, and smaller inventory devices throughout the country.

The Windows Embedded Compact 2013 by Microsoft, includes support for Visual Studio 2012, and will help companies with real-time performance, silicon flexibility, and support for the most advanced chip technologies including x86 and ARM architectures.


The product is the continuing embeddable OS that is used by companies to power their devices within warehouses and inventory systems. Companies who use the Windows Embedded Compact 2013 use them in programmable logic controllers, interface panels, RFID scanners, ultrasound machines, lab equipment, and other devices.

Features of the Windows Embedded Compact 2013

In the announcement, Microsoft announced the WEC 2013 has improvements to the core operating system, improved file-system performances, optimized startups, built-in support for Wi-Fi, and support from over thousands of developers and partners around the world.

How Windows Embedded Compact Can Help Companies

Companies and industries who roll out this OS within their products will be able to now access the cloud with their devices as well which should make them very happy. With most of these devices, there is a large amount of data that is processed, and the new operating system will allow these devices to manage this data more efficiently and quickly.

The Windows Embedded Compact 2013 also gives developers improvements on the system, which will make developers very happy. The goal of this product is to make developers lives easier according to the announcement on their blog post. With a simpler UI, sharper syntax colorization, improved compilers, auto-generation of code snippets, and XAML tools, this is truly meant for developers in mind.

The Windows Embedded Compact 2013 is a product 15 years in the making, and is one of the leaders of embedded operating systems throughout the world. As part of their intelligent systems products, it makes businesses operating efficiently, quicker, and gives them the tools they need to work.

Customers and developers can now download the full toolkit at the Microsoft website and also read more at the WEC 2013 product page.

Published: Saturday, June 15th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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