Windows Download Trends Discussed In December Analysis

Microsoft in recent months has been talking more about how users download Windows apps across its platforms, ranging from the desktop to mobile/tablet devices. Tuesday marked the December 2014 update of this analysis, and shows that users are taking to a number of devices to download apps.

Microsoft is now doing this type of analysis on its Windows Blog series, and its making it more of a recurring theme. It helps developers when building app, and showing users where people download apps, how they download them, and how they use them on their devices around the globe.

Microsoft Details Windows App Download In December '14 Update

Windows Adoption On Windows Devices

In its blog post, Microsoft shows that Windows 8.1 is now the dominant and primary operating system in the Windows Store. In November alone, over 92 percent of Windows Store apps came from Windows 8.1 users, and that is a major shift. Many people updated to Windows 8.1 when it came out, and Windows Store is helping them find apps.

With Windows Phone though, Windows Phone 8.1 has become the major phone of downloading apps. Microsoft states that 65 percent of people download apps running Windows Phone 8.1, while less than 5 percent of them are running Windows 7.x or less. Features such as XAML, WinJS, and othes make Windows Phone apps run smoothly for users.

Microsoft Shows Off Download Categories and Downloads By Market

App Downloads By Category

While the report went into a lot of details in regards to RAM size and more, the other intriging part of the report dealt with the categories of apps that people download. In November, Microsoft found that people downloaded games first, followed by tools & productivity, music & videos, and lastly social.

Games take over 42 percent of the current downloads in the Windows Store, and that shows that people love playing games on their Windows devices. The US is still a major Windows country for downloads, but China and other countries are gaining on Windows downloads as well. This marks for a global expansion of Windows apps to come.

This is a very interesting analysis by Microsoft. It’s more business and techie, but shows where apps are download on Windows for all to digest.

Published: Wednesday, December 24th, 2014 Last Modified: December 24, 2014

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