Windows Defender Hub Brings Security Hub To Windows 10

Whenever you are online with your Windows 10 computer, you always want to remain secure, and Windows Defender has quickly become a great app that encourages safety. Microsoft has now released a Windows Defender Hub to bring security to users easier.

The Microsoft developed Windows Defender Hub isn’t exactly what one would say is an exciting app, but it’s all about security. It highlights the latest updates with Windows Defender, and highlights security for the end user.

Windows Defender Hub Is A Free Security Download From Microsoft

Defender Hub Highlights

With the Windows Defender Hub, users are getting help with protecting their device the the antimalware protection that is built into Windows 10. It is the free app that doesn’t need subscriptions, nagware, or anything else.

Inside the Windows Defender Hub, users get quick access to Windows Defender, and can then check their protection status or scan the device. It also brings updated security articles from Microsoft and other sources to the user.

Windows Defender Security Built Into Windows 10

Windows Defender Great?

With the number of security apps built into the Windows Store, many wonder whether or not the Windows Defender app is the best out there. It comes from Microsoft, and has core access to Windows 10, so that leans it to a yes from us.

While a number of similar security, malware, and antivirus programs are made from endless points on the planet, Windows Defender is a terrific free security program. It keeps your system secure, safe, and the Windows Defender Hub is a great free app.

If you want to keep your system secure, try out the Windows Defender Hub. It’s free, and worth a quick download to stay safe.

Published: Tuesday, November 29th, 2016 Last Modified: November 29, 2016

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