Windows Azure SQL Premium Preview Available For Download

One of the larger announcements made by Microsoft during their Worldwide Partner Conference was the premium services for Windows Azure. Starting Wednesday, the Windows Azure SQL Database became available to download in preview for enterprise and data customers on the site.

The limited preview of the Windows Azure SQL Database was announced on the Technet blog by Microsoft, and is available for SQL Database customers on the site via a special link. This preview will allow for more powerful performance in cloud applications, and help companies build more complex databases on the Azure platform.


High Peak Load

One of the first highlights of the Windows Azure SQL premium service is the ability to handle high peaks of data. For anything requiring high CPU usages, memory, or IO, the premium database can be reserved and used on the Azure platform.

Use Concurrent Requests With Azure SQL

Developers who have database applications that have concurrent requests, can use Windows Azure SQL database. Normally on Azure, only 180 concurrent requests can be handled, but now premium database users can handle more connections on the service. The reservation size can be made on the site and reserved for these applications.

Better Predictable Latency

Applications that require guaranteed response time in the database in a minimal time can now use the Premium database. The example listed was with a stored procedure needing to return from that call in no more than 20 milliseconds 99% of the time. The guaranteed latency time will give developers with large scale databases more reasons to try out Azure in the near future.

The detailed guidance has been setup by Microsoft to guide Enterprise customers on these premium services. They also have released tips for applications, and a guide for larger customers on how to use the premium databases and set them up. Users can request access for the premium preview via the “preview features page”, and then once the Windows Azure subscription has been activated, they can then setup the Premium database quota form on the site. Multiple reservation sizes are going to be setup by Microsoft that range from $15 per day to $30 per day depending on the database size. This move is clearly a way to get large scale databases on Windows Azure immediately.

Published: Sunday, July 28th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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