Windows Azure SDK 2.1 For .NET Update Released To Developers

For developers on the Windows Azure system, Microsoft released a brand new series of Windows Azure SDK tools to them. The refresh of tools available to developers should make the Windows Azure more attractive to developers, and encourage them to continue building for Windows Azure.

The list of updates include Visual Studio 2013 Preview Support, Visual Studio 2013 VM Image, Visual Studio Server Explorer Enhancements, Virtual Machines, Cloud Services, Service Bus, and lastly Powershell Automation.

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Visual Studio 2013 VM Image In The Cloud

Developers will now be able to host Visual Studio within the cloud, and this should make developers very happy. They won’t have to install anything locally on their systems, and they can create a new development area in the cloud. Users can shutdown and suspend the image when they want to develop on it, thus reducing in expenses on the project.

Visual Studio Server Explorer Overhauled

Those who have used the Visual Studio Server Explorer will be happy to see the changes made to it with this latest release. Users can now manage credentials from the top level, import a subscription file, and show services only for a region or subscription. Once they are added as well, all of the Windows Azure services will be updated in Server Explorer. Manual additions won’t have to be done by developers, and this is a huge plus.

Powershell Vastly Improved For Developers

Those who use the Windows Azure Powershell will see up to five upgrades made to it by the Windows Azure team. The new cmdlets include: China Instance and Windows Azure Pack Support, Environment Configuration, VMs, Cloud Services, Web Sites, Storage, SQL Azure, and lastly Service bus. For those who use the Powershell, this is a much welcomed addition to the Windows Azure service.

All of these updates to the Windows Azure SDK for .NET are available immediately for download for developers. This 2.1 release was done by Microsoft to make Windows Azure easier to use for developers, and is something that Azure developers have been asking Microsoft for as well. The Azure Developer Center also has been updated with information regarding apps that can be used with Windows Azure too.

Published: Saturday, August 3rd, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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