Windows Azure Launches In Japan

Windows Azure is quickly becoming a large scale enterprise product for Microsoft, and with it, a huge global enterprise tool at that. On Tuesday, Microsoft announced that the Windows Azure service will be available in Japan, which should please many Japanese companies.

The announcement to launch Windows Azure in Japan should make many Japanese companies happy, as their data will be hosted in their own datacenters in Japan. Recent concerns about security and NSA spying has expedited the need to get Windows Azure out more globally to companies.

Microsoft's Windows Azure Expands To Japan

Microsoft Acknowledges Japan Need

Microsoft in its Testnet Blog announced that the Japan market for cloud computing has expanded at a huge rate, and with it an estimated $1.6 billion in revenues to be expected from that. These new Windows Azure services are localized in Japan, and should make companies looking for secure cloud hosting happy.

The rollout of Windows Azure in Japan shows that cloud computing can be localized, and will help these Japanese companies expand their businesses. Local companies in Japan will be able to have data residency and realize data recovery in their own countries as well, and data will be replicated between the US and Japan datacenters.

Microsoft Sees Japan Azure Launch As Huge For Global Rollout

Windows Azure Grows Globally

This is the latest launch from Windows Azure, and with it, Microsoft has invested more than $15 billion in the cloud. They currently offer the Windows Azure service to more than 1 billion customers and in 90 markets around the world. Now, localized and centralized services can be offered to companies who need them.

Microsoft stated that they are doubling capacity every six to nine months, and Japan has grown 10x in the last 15 months. Windows Azure is a billion dollar business for Microsoft, and Microsoft is giving enterprise customers what they want, and the services that they want as well. Microsoft has a number of global partners that they can utilize with these rollouts, and Microsoft is a giant in the world of enterprise computing. Now, with the global cloud rollout, they can get Japan and other countries using Windows Azure immediately and realize those revenues.

I love the expansion of Wndows Azure. Japan is a huge market, and Windows Azure can only grow from here.

Published: Thursday, February 27th, 2014 Last Modified: February 27, 2014

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