Windows Azure Gains New Immediate Enhancements For All

On Friday, Microsoft released a series of upgrades to its Windows Azure service, and gives those who host sites and data on the service a ton of new tools. These new capabilities and announcements are immediately available to Azure customers and are great for all.

In releasing its updates for Windows Azure, Microsoft is giving its enterprise customers another reason to choose Windows Azure. From monitoring web sites to database alerts, Windows Azure definitely is gaining support. Enterprise professionals are betting on Azure for the future.

Windows Azure Gets Major Updates For Devlelopers

Web Site Support Updates

Web site developers have had problems launching their web sites on Azure in stages, but now have the Staged Publishing Support tool available to them. It allows for a testing area and live area, and allows developers to deploy when ready. This will allow developers to use the Azure dashboard to monitor their sites performance in real time.

Secondly, Microsoft launched the Always On feature. Azure will ping developers web sites and makes sure they stay on. I love this feature, and anyone with an Azure website, whether it is small or large needs this feature. I’ve tried it out, and it makes sure your site stays up, and if it goes down, lets you know right away.

Azure Supports Hyper-V Recovery Manager Among Other New Things

Monitoring Your Sites On Azure

Another feature launched on Friday are the metrics and monitoring tools. Monitoring is done every minute, and is found in the dashboard. In addition, SQL Database alerts have been added to Azure, and that is found in the management services menu. Threshold alerts for errors and CPU time and total request alerts have also been added.

The last of the updates include Windows Azure Hyper-V Recovery Manager and the support for SenchaTouch. These are more enterprise level tools, and allow for Hyper-V to be configured within the Azure services. The SenchaTouch framework is made for apps, and now is supported within Azure for developers. Microsoft also made sure Windows Azure is validated for PCI DSS compliance, which makes sure that those who accept cards on their sites are PCI compliant.

I love Windows Azure and believe this is the next billion dollar business for Microsoft. Enterprise customers love it, and these new updates will get more to flock to it.

Published: Saturday, January 18th, 2014 Last Modified: January 18, 2014

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