Windows Azure Becomes Microsoft Azure

As Windows Azure has caught wind across the globe and gained a number of worldwide customers, Microsoft on Monday planned to change the name of the service. The announcement which is scheduled for Tuesday, will rebrand the Windows Azure service as Microsoft Azure.

The rebranding of Windows Azure to Microsoft Azure is expected to be announced on Tuesday, but not take effect until April 3rd, according to Microsoft tipsters. The rebranding of the service makes since as the company wants to accelerate the Microsoft brand over just the Windows brand.

Microsoft Rebrands Cloud Services Company As Microsoft Azure

Why Rebrand Azure?

The main goal of rebranding the Azure line of services from Microsoft is to get the public view of the brand as just Windows. It relies on much more than just the Windows backbone, and relies on the entire Microsoft infrastructure, and this shows that. Now, users will be able to use Azure and know the entire Microsoft brand and name is behind it.

Additionally, Microsoft is showing that multiple different platforms and virtual machines can run on the Azure platform of cloud hosting. Currently, the Azure brand allows for Oracle databases from small to large, Java, Python, and Linux virtual machines on Azure. These will help those with the stigma of anti-Windows branding to join Azure.

Microsoft Azure Replaces Windows Azure For Enterprise Hosting And Cloud Needs

Can This Move Hurt Microsoft?

Many asked on Monday, whether or not this move to rebrand Azure from the Windows to Microsoft brand could hurt the company. From the enterprise mindset, it shouldn’t as they current use Azure and know Microsoft is behind it. New customers should see it as a positive and know that Microsoft is the company hosting its apps, databases, virtual machines and more.

Azure is a billion dollar business for Microsoft, and new CEO Satya Nadella wants to build this business into the future. By rebranding it as Microsoft Azure, he is giving it a new but familiar name. With current clients around the globe, public and private, governmental and non-governmental, Azure is a growing business and will continue to grow. It will also help it compete against SalesForce, Oracle, IBM, Dropbox, Box, Azure, and other brands in the same space.

This is a bold and smart move by Microsoft. It’s a risky move to rebrand a big brand, but Microsoft is the company and Azure is its brand.

Published: Tuesday, March 25th, 2014 Last Modified: March 25, 2014

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