Windows App Studio Gets Updates For Developers

The Windows App Studio program is something that Microsoft put together to give developers an easy way to create apps on the Windows platform. It has gotten a lot of fanfare and applause, and on Thursday, got a big update to the beta app to please developers.

The Windows App Studio so far has made 50,000 apps in just 14 months, and this is a huge number. It makes it so almos anyone can make an app, and it doesn’t require a ton of programming knowledge to do so. The updates though should help developers sideload and generate apps in new languages for better expandability.

Microsoft Updates Windows App Studio For Devs

Windows 8.1 Sideloading

Putting together apps for Windows 8.1 has been somewhat of a hassle for developers, and the simple process of sideloading these apps into Windows 8.1 has been talked about in user forums and Microsoft hasn’t commented on it publicly as of yet. In the latest update though, Microsoft has finally enabled this feature, making apps load easier in Windows 8.1.

The sideloading process for apps in Windows 8.1 involves scanning a certificate when generating the universal 87.1 app, and the App Studio will then install it automatically to the Windows Phone 8.1 device. This should make it a lot easer to load these types of apps, and please developer at the same time with simplicity and ease of use to mobile devices.

Microsoft Gives Devs More Lanugages and Visual Toys In App Studio Update

New Language Support

With Windows being used around the globe, the need to build an app and have it used globally is very important. The new Windows App Studio update will now generate apps in nine extra languages, and comes with new layouts and templates as well. The new lanuage support will be huge for developers as they won’t have to hire outside help for the app, and get published worldwide.

The extra layouts and templates are more visual updates, but for a simple app or basic app, it gives it the foundatoin to be built, and shared with others and customers. It’s nothing major, but has enough to get it off the ground and into peoples hands. Extra visual treats from Microsoft are always a good thing for devs to enjoy.

Published: Monday, October 20th, 2014 Last Modified: October 20, 2014

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