Windows App Studio Gains New Data Sources

The Windows App Studio Beta has been a widely successful product from Microsoft, and has given developers amazing new ways to create apps. On Thursday, the product got new features and some new data sources to use as well.

The new updates for the Windows App Studio Beta, are all part of the major December 2015 update from Microsoft. It’s all about getting developers to use the software, and to create new apps for Windows and more.

Microsoft Adds WordPress Data Sources To Windows App Studio Beta

WordPress Data Source, Content & Advertising

First, developers will be able to have their app connect to their WordPress blog. It will pull in the content, and display it in the app. This makes the blog clear of the web, and visable to users on the Windows Store.

Second, now related content can be displayed. It will allow for information like speaker information or comments to be shown off. Lastly, Microsoft advertising has been introduced, allowing developers to make more money in apps.

Microsoft Adds New Carousel Control To Windows App Studio Beta

New Templates

Developers will now also be able to use new templates with their designs. A new carousel control has been introduced, giving them the ability to show off hero images in a single section, much like a slideshow.

Other layout improvements include section design features, a WordPress template, events, a my shop, and more. Microsoft loves feedback on this product and is courting it on its forums and User Voice all the time.

Windows App Studio Beta is a cool program. Try it out if you’ve been wanting to build an app for Windows.

Published: Monday, December 28th, 2015 Last Modified: December 28, 2015

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