Windows App Studio Beta Helps Developers Grow

With Windows App Studio Beta, Microsoft has given developers a great way to build apps for Windows and Windows Phone. It has allowed over 1.1 million people to build apps for these platforms, and on Wednesday became bigger. The new updates make it much easier to publish apps and more.

With the update, developers now have the ability to publish apps to the Windows Phone Store and Windows Store faster and easier. The ease of publishing apps quicker and easier will give more reasons for developers to build for Windows platforms, and get more apps built.

Microsoft Updates Windows App Studio Beta For Developers

Publish Apps Easier

All a developer has to do with the new updates made to the Windows App Studio Beta, is to select Publish Package. When they do that, a zip file will be produced, and that will include six screenshots of their app, an app logo, and publication instructions, which gives them everything needed to publish.

Developers will need a Dev Center account to submit their apps, but it will make it a ton easier via this zip file to gather all of their items for app submittal. Microsoft has also put together videos for developers that help them through the app development process, and help them publish apps easier.

Microsoft Gives Developers YouTube And Updates To App Studio Beta

Data Source and Layout Updates

With the publishing updates, Microsoft also updated a number of other features for the App Studio Beta. Microsoft now allows developers to add YouTube playlists as a data source, and allows apps to display videos by user, search term, and by playlist. It will allow for a full multimedia experience for these new apps.

Lastly, Microsoft also included new photo layout options for data sources. These new data sources include Instagram, Flickr, and dynamic static collections. These new updates to the data sources will allow developers to include photos from a number of places, and utilize the full range of social sites for its integration. These updates are now available for developers and users to try out, and should allow for future growth in the Windows app marketplace.

Microsoft made it a ton easier for developers to publish apps. These simple but helpful changes are perfect for beginning or experienced developers.

Published: Thursday, June 12th, 2014 Last Modified: June 12, 2014

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