Windows 9 To Be Announced September 30th

The news around Windows 9 aka Threshold hasn’t been much of a quiet thing, as screenshots and rumors have circulated as of late about it. News on Thursday came out, that Threshold aka Windows 9 will be announced during a special press event, held by Microsoft, at an unknown place.

The rumors and news about Threshold having such a quick announcement following Windows 8.1 Update shocked some, but follows rumors that Microsoft would deliver a preview version of it by years end. The Windows 9 final release still isn’t due for sometime, but should please users.

Microsoft Displays A Preview Version Of Windows 9 Threshold

Whats Inside Windows 9?

Inside Windows 9, Microsoft is expected to take out and build a better version of Windows than they did with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. The removal of the Charms bar, updated user interface tools, and possibly the inclusion of Cortana could make this a winner. No one has seen the final beta of it yet though.

By fine tuning Windows 9 for the business and enterprise customer, Microsoft can bring this version of Windows into the corporate world as well. Business customers don’t want the Windows 8 that is out now, but a more familiar and fine tuned version of Windows could make a huge difference for Microsoft in the enterprise world.

Microsoft's Next Version Of Windows Aka Threshold On Public Display September 30th

Will Threshold Be Windows 9?

When Windows 8 was finally done, the immediate rumors about the next version of Windows hit the tech world. It’s probably not going to be called Threshold, as this is Microsoft’s internal name for the program, but Windows 9 should be in testers hands before long. The final version will be in numerous betas for a while for many to try out.

Microsoft will add a number of features into Threshold for users, and we probably haven’t seen many of them as they are still in final development. It’s possible that Microsoft might display some of these during the September 30th event, but that is still a big unknown. Whether or not Microsoft announces a public beta of it is still a big question as well.

Windows 9 is almost here to be seen. It will be a while until its done, but hopefully it’s better than Windows 8 for many.

Published: Friday, August 22nd, 2014 Last Modified: August 22, 2014

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