Windows 9 Release Date Closer Than You Think: UI Improvements Coming

Microsoft is hard at work and might release a Windows 8 successor (most likely Windows 9, codenamed “Threshold”) sooner than you think and it could bring major UI improvements or even a completely revamped UI

It’s very likely that Microsoft will release a beta of Windows 9 later this year. However, according to Thurrott, Microsoft is nto going to release an alpha preview client at this year’s BUILD conference

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Nonetheless, we think that Microsoft is keen on increasing their mobile market share. Ballmer is leaving the company and a new CEO will take over very soon, although apparently Ballmer and Gates are struggling finding a good replacement, but according to Reuters, MSFT is close now and it’s not going to be Ford CEO Mulally.

Release Date April 2015

Thurrott is speculating that Microsoft could release the next major Windows OS as early as April 2015.

Windows 9, codenamed “Threshold” could introduce some major UI changes, bring back the original Start menu and offer a “windowed mode”

All of this sounds very promising that Windows 9 will be a major improvement. Microsoft has to make sure the OS runs smoothly on both tablets and desktop PC’s. Many users complaint about the rather tedious desktop experience. Personally, I love the Windows Phone 8 OS and it’s a great system for mobile devices, however on desktop PC’s the UI isn’t very efficient. Microsoft made further changes in 8.1 that requires at least 3-4 clicks to perform a simple search. On Windows 8 it was sufficient to just hit CTRL + F, but that wouldn’t work on Windows 8.1 if you were looking for specific files as you’d have to specifically tell the OS to search “Everywhere”, a change that makes searching and other things on 8.1 extremely complicated.

There are other things users complaint about. One thing users frequently mentioned was the lack of a really intuitive interface. Many gestures did not feel as smooth as they did not on competing operating systems.

Users Want New Features, Not “Tedious” UI Changes

If you are interested in finding out what other users originally wanted to see in Windows 8, you should read through our Windows 8 wishlist project which was very enlightening for me from a developer’s perspective: Users want more features, not UI changes!


Published: Monday, January 13th, 2014 Last Modified: January 13, 2014

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