Windows 9 Leaked Screens Revealed

A lot about Windows 9 is still unknown, but as the release of the public beta nears, more and more screens are being revealed. On Thursday, moew Windows 9 screenshots were revealed, and with it show off the future of Windows 9 and what is ahead.

While these are still screenshots and images in the making, Windows 9 is looking more and more like a finished product. It will be released in a public beta at the end of the month, and should please many looking to get away from Windows 8,

Microsoft's Latest Windows 9 Screens Revealed In Early Form

New Search and File Explorer

The first thing that users will notice is the appearance of the new search bar. It will be at the bottom of the screen, and with a pane along the bottom of the Windows Desktop. Users will be able to switch between desktop and tiled Windows environments there and search there.

File Explorer also appears to be getting a makeover, as the icons for it are being redone. It is being given a more metro-style appearance, and looking more like Windows 8 than any other version of Windows. It definitely is still an early beta though. A brand new file explorer system has been talked about by developes, but not much has been seen about it, and isn’t being seen in these early shots.

Microsoft's Windows 9 Looking Like A Finished Product

Notification Center Done As Well

Users who have taken a look at the new Windows 9 screens are also noticing a new notifications center. It can be accessed from the system tray area of the taskbar, and users can view any notifications from that area. Whether or not that will make the final version is still an unknown.

Lastly, adjustments to the jump list menus in the taskbar are also being seen. When users right click on the menu, it flattens out the user interface, and changes the overall look to Windows 9. It’s another early change, and its unknown whether these menu choices and changes will again make it into the release version.

I’m liking Windows 9 more and more. It’s becoming a better Windows system, and one that I could get used to in a heartbeat.

Published: Friday, September 12th, 2014 Last Modified: September 12, 2014

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