Windows 8 Won’t Run Out Of Battery Even With 100 User Tiles Running

Microsoft recently posted on their blog and explained how they are making sure that the many live tiles that Windows 8 will run won’t drain battery too fast.

Windows 8 start screen live tiles

Windows 8 Designed To Save Battery Life

A live tile on Window 8 is one that dynamically updates itself and continues to provide updated information. Live tiles can show anything — from the latest news to the latest social network updates to the weather and beyond. This interactivity makes it extremely useful. But many people have so far expressed their concerns about how all of this ‘always-on’ services will affect battery life.

Normally, if you have too many services running as ‘always-on’ services, it will drain your battery life. However, Microsoft has found a way around this problem. According to their blog post, the live tiles are not actual parts of a program. They are more like shortcuts to a program, which launch the targeted app when clicked.

So how do they get their information? Well that’s where Microsoft’s ingenuity starts showing. The live tiles are all part of one single platform within Windows 8. App developers simply tell Windows 8 what they want the tile to look like and do. The rest is taken care of by a uniform system that takes care of all related processes in a power efficient way. So effectively, there are no actual apps running in the background.

Windows Messenger Team Worked On the Platform

Microsoft did not want to lose out on real time delivery whilst trying to be power efficient. This is why they called in the Windows Messenger team to help out. Because according to them, no other team in the world could cope with the scale of things that is Windows 8.

So in collaboration with the Messenger people, Windows 8 was developed in a way that serves up information instantly on live tiles and allows for many such tiles to run simultaneously without creating severe battery drain. So what about network? Well that has been left up to the user because frankly — you know best if you want your twitter to remain updated or something heavier like a flickr photostream.

Published: Friday, November 4th, 2011 Last Modified: November 4, 2011

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