Windows 8 Will Speed Up Your PC Dramatically

Windows 8 will run a lot faster and consume less resources than Windows 7. They cut down the RAM usage by almost 50% on the Windows 8 preview release. Quite impressive.

Speed Up Windows 8

The Windows 7 preview release was using about 540MB with 34 running processes. Windows 7 SP1 uses about 404MB with 32 processes running.

Windows 8 will improve that quite a bit and uses only 281MB while 29 processes are running.

The Windows 8 preview looks really incredible, very light-wight, minimalist touch and easy on your PC resources.

So, if you’re always complaining that your PC is too slow, you definitely need to consider getting Windows 8 when it comes out. The hardware requirements for Windows 8 will be the same as the Windows 7 requirements, but it will speed up your PC quite a bit.

Another thing that speed up Windows 8 quite a bit is the fact that the kernel got a major upgrade. It not only has some really awesome security features, it can suspend closed applications and put them in a frozen state and reeinitate them when you open them again.

Speed Up Windows 8

Published: Tuesday, September 13th, 2011 Last Modified: September 13, 2011

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