Windows 8 Webcam App Demoed In New Video

The webcam app in Windows 8 is getting more and more new options. Check out the webcam settings a short demo video after the break.

Windows 8 Webcam App

The new webcam app that has been found in Windows 8 build 7955 already has many options you can choose from. You can select the audio source, the resolution, the frame rate and you can already adjust the audio recording level of the webcam app.

As for the webcam settings, you can now change the Brightness, Focus, Exposure, Zoom and Flicker.

In the video Youtube user Plaindickhead who also created the Windows 8 touchscreen login video even starts recording the webcam video input.

You might need a proxy in order to view the video in certain areas, it includes some music that is not available in all areas.

We have added this video to our list of Windows 8 videos

Published: Thursday, April 28th, 2011 Last Modified: March 12, 2014

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