Windows 8 Ultrabook-Hybrids Could Become Popular 2012 Gadgets

We still crave the typing speed, accuracy and comfort of a keyboard when using a tablet, does that mean Ultrabook hybrids will be the big winners in 2012?
An Example Of What One Might Look Like Coming From The Asus Eee PC Family

Windows 8 Hybrid Ultrabook Are On Their Way To Give Consumers The Best Of Both Worlds

In a way, Windows 8 is an OS that inspires hardware to be a hybrid just like its dual UI. So it is little wonder that Windows 8 ultrabooks that are being planned by manufacturers right now have quite a few hybrid models. A lot of manufacturers have realized that whilst we enjoy everything about the ease of using a tablet — we really do miss having a keyboard every now and then.

Asus has answered this problem with the Transfomer Prime that is essentially a Windows tablet that has a keyboard docking station (purchased separately) but that is not what we are looking at here. There are already actual models under development that are true hybrids where the screen swivels and folds to transform in a tablet.

Microsoft is no stranger to tablet convertibles and they have been available as very expensive devices used by professionals for digital pen-based work on the go. This was long before the introduction of touch devices like the iPhone and it was part of Microsoft’s pen-centric computing.
A feature article on PCMag also talks about hybrids becoming really popular in 2012. However that talks about a form factor that is similar to the Asus Transformer Prime mentioned earlier where the screen pops off to become an individual tablet.

So overall, it is clear that both industry watchers and manufacturers are looking forward to Windows 8 hybrid Ultrabooks in 2012.

Published: Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012 Last Modified: February 18, 2012

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