Windows 8 To Be FULLY Unveiled At BUILD 2011?

Microsoft has announced a new conference called BUILD (13-16 Sept. at Anaheim, CA) where the company is expected to update the strategy for the upcoming edition of the Windows OS called Windows 8.

Windows 8 BUILD Conference 2011

According to the Microsoft, Windows 8 will have even more impact on the market than Windows 95 did way back in August of 1995.

Microsoft Seeks To Re-Kindle ISV Interest With Windows 8

Microsoft has been bullish on Windows 8 and its possibilities so far. And it seeks to redefine the Windows line with this latest update. With the final availability in April 2012, there’s a lot of time left for Independent Software Vendors to be convinced about the viability of the platform. And it won’t be an easy task for Microsoft.

Windows 8 is revolutionary for Microsoft in many ways but that also means it is a completely different kind of development environment for software vendors. And in recent times, Microsoft has had trouble with finding good vendors to work on the Windows platform.

This is something that Microsoft seeks to change with the unified approach of Windows 8 that gathers PC and mobile platforms under one fold and give an seamless, unified user experience. Something that Apple has shown itself to be working on with their latest Lion update to OS X.

Windows 8 To Compete With iOS And Android For ISV Initiative

Right now as it stands, ISV’s are focused heavily on the iOS and Android mobile platforms. Microsoft wants to change this with their Windows 8 platform and one of the trump cards might as well be the unified nature of the platform. However, this has to be balanced off with Windows 7 development enthusiasm so that the immediately precedent platform does not lose out due to the emergent Windows 8.

Hence, it looks like BUILD is going to be every bit as important for Microsoft’s Windows Strategy as the company touts it to be.

Published: Monday, August 1st, 2011 Last Modified: August 1, 2011

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