Windows 8 Tablets From Nokia A Possibility (CEO Interview)

In an interview with technology news site This Is My Next, Nokia CEO hinted at the possibility of Nokia Windows 8 Tablets.

Nokia Windows 8 Tablets

CEO Stephen Elop Reaffirms Nokia’s Interest In Making Windows 8 Tablets

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said in an interview earlier this week that he sees “broader opportunity” when it comes to Windows 8. Since he said this in a context of them making Windows 8 phones, it is being taken as a clear hint at Nokia being interested in making Windows 8 tablets.

Even as the world’s largest phone manufacturer, Nokia has been seeing sharp decline in their figures thanks to the dual threat of the iPhone and the Android collective. Hence, they chose to tie up with the most promising new platform — Windows Phone 7. Now that it is time to consider Windows 8, it makes business sense for Nokia to also try and get in to the tablet business. Earlier, they did not have access to a platform that could compete with the like of the iPad. However, Windows 8 can solve that problem for them.

Elop Says Windows 8 Is Just A Supercharged Version Of Windows Phone 7

Elop’s statement about Windows 8’s similarity to Windows 7 was majorly based on the touch experience that the Metro UI provides on both platforms. Nokia is already working on Windows 8 phones and scaling that experience to a tablet would be quite easy because Windows 8 is designed to be easily scalable across smartphones, tablets and PC’s.

However, with Windows 8 still many months away, things can change dramatically. Nokia might not want to invest in a new product line and play it safe initially instead. So all this interview proves is that Nokia is thinking what almost every Windows 8 OEM is thinking. Whether or not every company translates those thoughts in to action, we are still going to see a lot of choices when it comes to choosing a Windows 8 tablet next year. And the best part would that the platform will stay the same across choices and won’t suffer the fragmentation that Android suffers from. So it is the perfect blend of choice and standardization.

Published: Sunday, October 30th, 2011 Last Modified: October 30, 2011

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