Windows 8 Tablet: Will It Be More Productive Than The iPad

Windows 8 Tablet_thumb.jpg 1Windows 8 tablets should be great on user experience thanks to Metro but for many users the deal clincher will be how productive they can be on one of them.

Productivity On ARM and Intel Versions Of Windows 8

The ARM vs Intel Divide on Windows 8 runs pretty deep and affects productivity unless Microsoft bridges the gap at release. All of the amazing productivity apps are made for computers with a separate keyboard and mouse/pointing device. Now with Metro in the picture, productivity on a Windows 8 Tablet is a bit of mystery. What a lot of users fear is yet another iOS situation where everything is great except when productivity comes in to play. Tablets so far have not proved really ‘productive’ for most professionals. There are of course some exceptions where the tablet form factor itself has allowed the entry of digitization in areas where it was previously impossible, like in the hands of doctors whilst they are visiting their patients in a hospital.

How could Microsoft change that on a tablet? By building great productivity apps that make compelling reasons to by a Windows 8 tablet. Right now, the iPad is constrained not by its OS or hardware. It is constrained by app design. There needs to be better design for doing things that require some degree of complex maneuvers on a PC. A good example would be creating a post online that has a few images and some references. Copying the reference links, creating the hyperlinks within the text, inserting images, etc. are complicated right now only because the apps are not designed to handle that many complex moves.

So far, the best compromise has been a convertible. With Windows 8, these convertibles will just be better at becoming Tablets. Like the Asus Transformer Prime. Also, with ARM devices rumored to have their own limited Desktop on Windows 8, it is possible that a foldable keyboard is all you need to make that yearly report and draw the pie charts using your fingers.

Right now, Microsoft is holding their card quite close and are not revealing anything. However, there is definitely hope for this issue to addressed quite sincerely at Redmond because their corporate/enterprise customers are extremely valuable to them. Windows would not propagate as much if it loses its edge in productivity and Microsoft would not let that happen.

Published: Tuesday, February 7th, 2012 Last Modified: April 2, 2012

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