Windows 8 Store Regions: Goes Worldwide As Microsoft Look for Global Audience

Windows 8 Store Regions

Chances are anyone, anywhere will be using the Store in Windows 8, over 33 more regions have been added

Microsoft’s increases its five regions by 33 for those using the Windows 8 Store

Microsoft has confirmed that more regions will be able to use the Windows 8 Store. The news comes on the back of over 200 markets downloading the Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Previously, Windows Store app submissions were available in five markets: France, Germany, India, Japan and the US. Customers outside of those regions saw the “Rest of the World” catalog. While Microsoft say on the blog post, published yesterday, they have “served millions,” it wants more users to have chances to get involved.

In the next “significant” preview releasing for the Windows Store, Microsoft will expand to 33 additional app submission locales for developers – totalling 38 markets that can submit Metro apps for Windows 8. That’s important if Microsoft hopes to populate the store from day one. If consumers can see a range of apps on the Metro side that work on a range of form factors, people will buy into the OS. The number of market-specific catalogs rises five to 26.

The localization coverage of the pre-release developer portal will be expanded, adding seven new languages. When the next update lands, users will be able to submit apps in 109 languages as long as the app includes a version of one of 12 certification app languages.

Microsoft puts these schemes down to wanting to achieve growth across all regions. Windows 8 will be a worldwide release, so it make sense to support as many regions and languages as possible.

Consumer Preview feedback

Microsoft also revealed they will be describing some of the changes made to the Store as a result of feedback from the Consumer Preview. The company also said, as of April 16, no more Consumer Preview apps are being accepted. However, apps will still continue to run.

During the preview timeframe, only “select partners” will be able to submit Metro apps to the Store. People who are now able to submit apps can become a candidate to do so by visiting a Windows Dev Camp ( The camps are free, worldwide and designed to give developers the tool to develop.

Windows 8 releases this year.


Published: Friday, April 20th, 2012 Last Modified: April 20, 2012

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