Windows 8 Store Hands-On

Windows 8 Store Preview_thumb.jpg 1The Windows 8 Store is out, and so is the Consumer Preview, so here’s an overview of the Store

The Windows Store is very different in Windows 8, so here’s information on the changes

The Windows Store for Windows 8 is very much like a lot of the Metro side of Windows 8, to increase ease-of-use and to provide consistency across the OS. As seen in the Spotlight feature of apps such as Video, and on the Xbox 360, the Store also promotes content with users ratings. Notable apps included thus far are Cut the Rope, WordPress and Pinball FX 2. Windows 8 will also install the correct version of the store whether you’re using ARM or the x86 version.

Other apps worth mentioning that are available now in the Windows Store are MSNBC, Evernote and Vimeo.

Cloud storage is coming to the Windows Store, already available on the Xbox 360, allowing users to log in from any Windows 8 PC to access their apps. Also, all apps during the Consumer Preview are free. More apps are set to be put into the store as long as the Preview runs for.

The Windows 8 Store functions essentially like the Marketplace on Windows Phone 7. As mentioned, there is a Spotlight section to highlight new and noteworthy apps (at the moment it shows off the winners of Microsoft’s First Apps contest). Swipe left, and you’ll sort apps by type. Swipe right, and you can search the Windows Store. Search results can be sorted by price and category. You can also view all of the new releases, which will be shown on one screen which you can navigate to from left to right.

Select an app and it effectively has a full ‘profile,’ showing off screenshots, which you can swipe through quickly, alongside price and reviews. You can also read users reviews, and find basic details such as the developer.

Updates are also built-in. Clicking Install will install the update for all of your apps.

As on other platforms, downloading an app for the first time prompts you for your password. Free downloads after that, at least, download automatically. After completing a download you’ll receive a notification, which loads the app when tapped on.

Windows 8 is set for release later this year. Information sourced from The Verge.

Published: Saturday, March 3rd, 2012 Last Modified: March 3, 2012

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